Changes in Our Industry – My Observations

While we are all aware that technological  advances have had a huge impact on our industry the “aging  factor” is continuing  to hit home.

While a lot of owners would like to continue in business the lower margins, need to upgrade to current technology,staffing issues and the desire to do “something different” is having its impact. Discussions with  a number of Owners who would to sell their client base and machinery suggest they stumble  through uncertainty  of how to go about this and/or delay making the decision. The decision to sell is the first obstacle, once made the rest will follow if a plan with specific time frame is completed.Sooner rather than later is always the best.

One thing is certain there are buyers available to buy both the client base/goodwill and/or  machinery.The value placed on each will depend on a variety of factors and in all instances will be unique to the particular parties.

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