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Machine IDModel & Details
We have many machines that are not listed, the details of which are subject to application. In the event you are unable to find a suitable machine on our stocklist, send us your specific requirements and our Sales team will do their best to assist.
Monday, 6 April 2020
1 Colour Presses
31112HEIDELBERG GTO 46NP, 1974; Conventional dampening, working condition
30606Heidelberg GTO 52NP, 1982; Approx. 25 Mil Imp with Kompac dampening.Number & Perforating (3 boxes =2 x straight & 1 x convex & 2 x Perf arms).Free from damage .Spare rollers for Kompac. In Good Working condition
31116HEIDELBERG GTO 52NP, 1992; ALCOLOR dampening, 41 Mil Imp, WITH, 2 perf arms, 3 cams AND 4 numbering boxes. Good working condition.Free from damage. Video Link available on request
30954heidelberg KORA, 1970; Black model,Conventional dampening Max Sheet: 460 x 570mmworking condition. Needs a clean
31115sakurai 66 EZ, 1997; conventional dampening,Max. Paper Size 470 X 660 MM, working condition
2 Colour Presses
31153HEIDELBERG GTO 52 2 NP, 1987; Approx 66 Mil Imp.Kompac dampening standard accessories. Working condition
31001heidelberg GTO 52 ZNP, 1985; Conventional dampening, standard accessories. Working condition
30857Heidelberg GTO 52ZPNP, 1985; APPROX. 84 MIL IMP, bareback dampening.Standard accessories. Working condition
31033Ryobi 512H, 1999; Imp count 37,697,520, alcohol dampening,Max paper size:520 x 365mm Min paper size:100 x 150mm,Max printing area 505 x 350mm Stock range 0.04 - 0.4mm Dampening system Continuous Speed 11,000sph Weight 2,400 kg comes with manuals and spare blankets. available now.
30681Shinohara 52 2P, 1998; alcohol dampening.No numbering.It comes with 4 trolleys, all tools and all manuals. Working condition.Acceptable condition for the age
30635SHINOHARA 52 2PNP, 2000; Approx.26,286,419,alcohol Alcohol continuous dampening system available and a segmented ink duct blade dampening. Numbering & perforating unit.Working condition. Video Now.
30937Shinohara 66 2 P, 1992; Approx. 61 Mil Imp, alcohol dampening, perfecting.MAX SHEET 660 X 480MM.Tools, T spanners, tommy bars etc.Parts Books/ Manuals,4x Feed board/Delivery trolley's,Working condition.
4 Colour Presses
31086HEIDELBERG GTO 52VP, 1981; first 2 units are conventional dampening and the back 2 units have the Kompact dampening system installed
31106HEIDELBERG SM 72 VP, 1982; 2/2 perfector. 520 x 720 mm max sheet size. Conventional Dampening. Chrome impression cylinders , quick release plate clamps,High pile Does not have CPC 1.01,Decurler, non stop delivery,Preset,Single sheet feeder, Grafix Exactomat powder spray. Has let model gripper pads which aids registeration.In production. Standard Machine.Well maintained. Can print a top quality cmyk job
30987Komori L426P, 1998; APPROX. 179 Mil Imp, Straight 4 colour or 2 over 2 perfecting,USED AS A STRAIGHT MACHINE,PQC consol Komorimatic dampening,plate cocking, SAPC ,Auto blanket washers present but not used,chrome cylinders,AMR, Powder spray unit, Sheet decurler, run on centralised air included , manuals, tools ,HIGH pile delivery.NO PLATE PUNCH. Video link available
31026Roland 304P, 2001; Approx. 126 Mil Imp,Max Sheet:530 x 740 mm ,Rolandmatics,RCI,Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Cylinder Wash, Auto Roller Wash,Semi auto plate change,4/0 - 2/2 ,Ink job pilot,Roller temp control,IR unit,Grafix spray unit, Non stop delivery.All ink keys work.Regular servicing.Free from damage.ONE OWNER Good working condition.With Plate punch ,1 x set of spare rollers,Manuals and tools.NO compressor. Video link on request.Video of cylinders available
31150Ryobi RYOBI 524HXX, 2001; Size: 370 x 520 mm, with PCS-H (Off Press Controls), PDS-E, Ryobimatic Dampening, Technotrans refrigeration & recirculation, Auto roller & blanket washers, S-RPC (SEMI AUTO PLATE), Plate Cocking, Powder Spray, Circa 38 mill imps, 13,000 SPH.
30484Shinohara 52 4P, 1999; Standard machine.Approx. 53 Mil Imp, Alcohol dampening,Console, CHROME IMPRESSION CYLINDERS , SAPC,the rollers were replaced IN 2018, new ducts & sensors.Machine has been cleaned and checked.Rollers in good condition. Good working condition.Video link can be provided on request.
6 Colour Presses
30546Roland 306P, 2004; ONE OWNER **Genuine 85 mil imp, Rolandmatics,SAPC, CPL, RCI TECHNOTRANS,Has CARDBOARD DEVICE auto wash-ups including Impression cylinder wash-up device, IR Dyer,Paper Thickness 0.04~0.6mm. It has cip3 data so you can tranfer direct ink settings to ink ducts,NO temperature Control.All ink keys and motors work,manual plate punch supplied,Perfecting 2/4,Max Sheet size:520x740 MM.Largest sheet size printed has been 520 x 740 mm.A very big compresser that is capable of running a whole factory included in the cost.Excellent Condition.Video link
31048Roland 806 7M L, 1990; Approx.108 Mil Imp, , Size 7, SERIES 857, rolandmatic, mabeg feeder, sheet size 1135 x 1600 mm, 6 colour plus coater.Video link available.
31062Roland Ultra RSU 6, 0; ROLAND MATIC dampening, Six colours offset 1030x1400 mm ,IR dryer,Powder spray.Mabeg Feeder WORKING CONDITION
29303Horizon BQ 240, 1993; Standard machine 1mm to 40 mm, 415 volts, 50 HZ.single clamp binder. Dimension: Max - 320 mm x 320 mm ; Min - 75 mm x 75 mm Thickness: 1 mm - 40 mm Speed: Up to: Without Milling - 600 books/hr; Has cover feeder facility.With Milling - 400 books/hr Electrical: 220V / 3Ph / 60Hz.Working condition
31152Horizon BQ 270 PUR, 2014; One Owner .PERFECT BINDER,one-clamp perfect binder, touch POD screen, in-line scoring,Spine gluing: PUR, side gluing: hotmelt, cover feeder with 4x scoring sheet size: max: 320 x 310 mm; min: 135 x 115 mm,- cover size: max. 660 x 320 mm; min. 240 x 135 mm, book thickness: max. 50 mm; min. 1 mm,- speed: max. 500 cycles/h,Touch control panel.Not currently in production.Is fully operational. Instruction Manual, Maintenance and Troubleshooting,Users Manual,Parts Book.Dimensions: 2.720 x 910 x 1.545mm ,power: 400V/ 50Hz - 2,7Kw,weight: 900kg
27620Vickers PBA 385, 0; saddle stitcher can do 1 3/4 " stab, 1" staple. can do Clinch stitch.Single phase. Working condition
Computer to Plate (CTP)
30784Creo Trendsetter 800 11, 2004; imaging head changed recently has only done 900 hours.Thermal CTP, 4/8 PAGE Includes ManuaL There are 2 print consoles with tiff catcher. NO RIP.Converted the Trendsetter to imaging Fuji Superia processes plates. What this basically means is once the plate has imaged it is press ready without the need to develop through a processor. Glunz and Jenson 85 plate processor (With manuals)available if required.Good working condition for age.Video link available
30763ECRM DPX 2, 2003; Parts -SOFTWARE DONGLE, Ripmate V7.1,with all Electrical boards. Available NoW
30486Esko Production A S Purup Eskofot DPX, 2004; standard machine ,Max Plate :460 x 550 mm, exposure area: 436 x 546 mm,has manuals.With computer and program.Working condition.Currently in operation
31067Heidelberg Suprasetter 75A 52A, 2017; Very Low usuage.Fully Automatic Thermal Platesetter.Dual Cassette.425mm Bacher Punch, Max Plate:676 x 760 mm ,max image: 656 x 760 mm, conveyor and stacker.Hardware and software that runs it.Running Fuji Superia Processor less plates from Heidelberg so no developing unit required. Prinect Prepress Manager, Prinect MetaDimension,Meta Dimension 2017, Meta server version: 17.00.471BLD008 Prinect Shooter.Low usage. CIP3 activated on this system VIDEO LINK ON REQUEST
30966Heidelberg Suprasetter A75, 2010; Max plate size: A75 - 750mm x 670mm,Image manual load with online bridge,1 head, 64 diodes/class 160 m W GEN III, to expose thermal metal plates. Software and computer is with it.DISMANTLED.All packed up by a Heidelberg Technician
30726Kodak Magnus 400 LDA 2, 2011; A2 ,A3,THERMAL CTP,MAX PLATE: 685 X 762 MM, plate punch sizes- 525x360, 450x320 and 330x480.Plate count:59187. plate auto loaded cassettes,Compact plate stacker,Auto 6 hole punch,1 x prinergy Evo - Workstation,Printergy, Prep 5, licence with dongle,Dell Poweredge 2800 Xeon processor and 1 monitor and keyboard mouse, Manuals and some spare parts.1 x kodak performance server. 50HZ,200/210/220/230/240 VOLTS, 5A. Uses Fuji Sonora chemical free plates.WITH compressor and all manuals.Good working condition. Video Link available
30977Kodak Magnus 400 LDA 11, 2008; Plate count approx. 45,000,Can handle A2, A3 PLATES, Computer to plate system Kodak Magnus 400 thermal,approx. uses SONARA chemical free plates,with 3 cassettes and stacker, including Kodak Prinergy EVO rip preps in position software,Fully auto loading,Dell Poweredge 2800 Xeon processor and 1 monitor and keyboard mouse. Recently serviced.It comes with Printergy, Prep 5, licence with dongle.Max plate 685 x 762 mm, Min 300 x 228mm, Image 673 x 762mm.Dimensions: 1350 x 1760 x 1450mm weight : 760 kgs. Manuals.Good working condition
31095Luescher Technologies AG XPOSE 160, 2005; 1700x1370mm,CTP for Thermal plates RIP + Software Dongle WITH Agfa plate processor 150SX,2012
31063Bobst SP 1080E, 1971; with stripping , Max size 1080 mmx780 mm., Min. size 350x300 mm., Pressure 220 tons, 4.500 sh/hour. Working Condition.Video Link Available on request
30469Chandler & Price Die cutter, 0; Antique machine .Good condition for age. Cleaned and repainted. Video link:
31090crosland small, 0; working condition
30122Golding And Co Pearl 10, 1892; This is an Antique letterpress clam shell platen printing press, manufactured by Golding & Co., USA in 1892. Letterpress is a term used to define the process of printing from a raised surface, be it type or block. The term takes it origins from the act of pressing a letter onto another substance, usually paper.The machine was a hand fed, treadle operated platen. The size of Pearl Presses is designated by inside chase measurement.Inside chase measurement:173mm x 275mm.Size 10 . Roller dimensions 270 mm (Length), There are two rollers on the machine.Dimension of the press:1400 mm H X 600 mm W x 900 mm Depth.ON OUR FLOOR
31113HEIDELBERG KSBA, 1965; USED for diecutting, can be used for printing if rollers are inserted. Max sheet: 460x 570mm,Free from damage. Good working condition
31051HEIDELBERG KSBA, 1968; black model,diecutter,460 x585mm good working condition.Video
30982Heidelberg KSBA, 1965; standard machine ,2X CHASE,Rack of furniture .MAX SHEET:460 X 570MM .WORKING CONDITION
30983Heidelberg Platten, 1964; Standard machine.10 chases.Working condition.
23105Heidelberg S series, 0; Cylinder 5 X Perf Arms. Good Condition. ON OUR FLOOR $600 EACH
29171Heidelberg T Platen, 0; standard machine with rollers.working condition
30488Heidelberg TPlatten, 1971; standard machine, Grey Model working condition
30912Hydraulic ram die cutter, 2006; (made in China) ideal for round cornering all four sides of business cards in one go. Good condition. Video link on request
31064Ijima 1270, 1970; Min size 465x728mm, Max size 940x1270mm, 600 Ton Pressure max Mabeg Non Stop Feeder, Steel Plate in Feeder, Left Hand Pull Lay, Right Hand Pull Lay.With stripping unit. Video available on request
31073Ijima CF1130, 1977; Autoplaten,Gripper Side Stripping Function,Electronic Control Size Adjustment,Non-Stop Feeder,High Pile Delivery,Curl Paper Correction At Front Lay,Speed 8.000 S/H,Can Work Up To 3 Mm. Thickness,Control Panel. Cutting Pressure:250 tons plus WORKING CONDITION. Video can be sent via whatsapp
31074Simpla cutter 3, 1985; 1000 x 1400mm,Clamp shell,WORKING CONDITION
Digital Machines
30639CANON IMAGEPRESS 6010, 2013; imagepress server with EFI Fiery 1200 Rip, Eye-one photo spectrophotometer,Standard 2 cassette draws - capacity 2,000 sheets with POD DECK-A15 -3 additional drawers Total capacity 6,000 & up to 5 different stocks for multi media jobs.Saddle booklet finisher-AJ2 - 2 output trays (2,500 sheets) User interface,document Inserter, keyboards & mouse.Apple computers, software, scanner. Complete and in working condition.COUNTER: Black & White :264,214;Colour Large:264,214;Colour Small:31767.Photo of Counter can be sent on request.
31014HP Indigo 5500, 2011; 7 Colour (Incl. White Ink Unit) Includes new RIP Aug 2017,click count is 41,673,420 approx.SRA3 size,The HP Indigo press 5000 mimics offset printing capabilities through its high definition and unique liquid HP ElectroInk, and is a robust machine with size capabilities up to 320 x 470 mm.,Refrigeration pipework all new pipe work. With auto cleaning wash unit worth US$20, 000. Professionally dismantled. Now Ready for shipment.
30756Ricoh C651EX, 2014; Black count is: 421764,Colour is: 1314628,It was installed new in March 2014.This machine is in very good condition and still prints perfectly. It is running every day and can be seen running and tested anytime. The machine will come with a Spectrophotometer.The machine will also come with some spare parts.
30772MBO B30 1 30 4, 1996; Maximum Sheet Size: 760mm X 1270mm, Minimum Sheet Size: 152mm X 178mm,12 buckles, 32 page folder,Units 1 and 2 rollers were refurbished 3yrs ago. Unit 3 rollers AVERAGE.Round Pile Feeder,1st Unit - 4 Buckles,2nd Unit - 4 Buckles 3rd Unit - 4 Buckles,Noise Cancelling Hoods,Slitting & Perforating Shafts Shingle Delivery.Available now
30625MBO T49 44, 1995; A3 TO A4 &A4 TO DL, Sheet size:(20 inches x 27 inches Format)508 x 685mm, electronic counter,4 buckles WITH cross fold that has knife. (crossfold needs new rollers) and glue unit for booklets. Can do double gate fold.Would suit small printer or digital work. working condition
29289Mbo T500, 2001; Min: 105 x 105 mm, max: 520 x 720,4/4 folder in excellent order new main drive belt and rollers as new. Can fold A2 to A4 for stitching or A3 to DL etcFully computerised.This machine is easy to set up and has high levels of productivity. Is extremely quiet and reliable.With all manuals.Available Now. Video Link available
29737Mbo TS 72 R76, 1990; Size 720x 1120 MM. Unit 1: 6 Buckle. Rollers good Unit 2: 4 Buckle.( Rollers 50% )Unit 3: 2 Buckle. (Rollers 50%) WITH gate fold unit. 32 PAGE.Machine is in good working order. VIDEO CAN BE PROVIDED ON REQUEST
30124Shoei KT 52 4, 1991; compact and versatile folder capable of folding A2 to 8 page A4, A3 to DL, 6 page A4, 8 Page A5, A4 letter fold in Z or roll plus many more, configuration is 4 buckles followed by Electronic knife followed by two buckles under the knife, maximum sheet size is approx 520mm x 600mm. 3 of the 5 rollers need re sleeving ,rubbers are sticky. Video available
30830Stahl TI 52 44, 2004; Max Sheet Size 520x840 mm Min Sheet Size 140x180 mm Speed 200 m/min. Stock 40 - to 250 grm,Paper weight: 40 - 250 gsm,control panel with display, Round pile feeder.New rollers on both units - main & cross fold- 18 months ago.(FEB 2018) supplied and fitted by Heidelberg. Good condition
Guillotine Blades New
23148Ideal 52, 0; (3) (630 x 89 x 88 mm), $220 Each. (50mm on both ends to the top of the first hole. Tungsten tipped) Weight - 5.3 kg. Box Dimensions - 70 x 15 x 5 cm ; Code 1.
29596Perfecta 115 , 0; brand New blade,came with Perfecta 115 UC,1996 model. Dimensions:1350x140x12mm,Purchased for $1500 Sell for $750
23151Polar 105 107, 0; (8), (1325 x 120 x 11.95 mm), $180 Each. . Code 1.
30889wohlenberg 115, 0; 1 x 1385x95mm
Guillotine Blades Used
29697Ideal 52, 0; used ideal 52 blades 1 x 90% used, @$ 220. 630 x 85mm.Cutting Sticks 5 for AUD$30. ON OUR FLOOR
30038Ideal 7228, 0; 2 x 80% x $200 each.Dimensions:840 mm x 90mm x 11mm Available now.
30888Perfecta 115, 0; 1355x100 mm, distance from one edge to first hole 100mm & other end 140 mm
29162Polar 72, 0; 2 x polar 72 blades . 90% . $180 each 870 x 100mm ON OUR FLOOR
30876Polar 90 115, 0; 1 x Polar 90/115 blade.1425 x 135mm. 70mm on one end & 120mm on then other
30874Polar 105, 0; 2) x 90% (1395 x 120 x 11.95 mm), @ $200 each On our Floor
30875Polar 115, 0; 2 x 80% $495.00 each, 1 x 98% Tungsten Carbide $700.(Dimensions: 1390 x 155 x 15mm x 30 kg. Distance from one side 120mm & 70 mm the other to centre of first hole.)1 X 75% @$400(1390X120MM, 90 MM ON BOTH ends to the first hole)
30890Powercut 115CNC, 0; 1 X 1335X 120MM 70 MMTO MIDDLE OF FIRST HOLE ON ONE END & 135MM ON THE OTHER
30142Chandler & Price 580, 1917; Antique cutter. As the machine is an antique it is being offered as a display item only.Counter weight missing. It will need to have safety guards fitted if you intend using it to be compliant with OH & S requirements, the latter is THE PURCHASER'S responsibility.Working condition for demonstration purposes. On Our Floor.
31093Ideal 5222 Digicut A, 0; Program, safety lights, hydraulic clamp.Specifications:Cutting length 520 mm, Cutting height 80 mm,Narrow cut 22 / 901 mm,Table depth 520 mm Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz / 1 ~,Motor performance (input capacity) Blade drive 1.5 kW, backgauge drive 0.1 kW.Dimensions (H x W x D) 1310 x 950 / 16502 x 1090 mm,Weight 328 / 3522 kg.Operators Manual.WORKING CONDITION
30123J. Greig & Sons 0, 1890; Antique guillotine, 800mm safety guard added. ON OUR FLOOR
26425Polar 92EM, 1989; programmable, light guards, air table. With manuals, tools. Working condition.NEEDS A NEW MONITOR
30944Polar 115 Jogger RA 4, 2004; Includes an air-removing roller with variable air-removing pressure. The air can be pressed from the paper reams in one or two cycles. With the table in tilted position, the removal is possible also in between times.Size of table 900 x 1150 mm,Height of ream, min. 30 mm,Height of ream, max. 165 mm,Table height 860 - 950 mm.Can be used Polar 115 & 137
30945Polar 115E, 1998; AIRBED, safety lights, needs replacement program-Mono screen replaced with colour screen, however no display!Back gauge tape worn, need replacing.2 spare blades , tools
31129Wohlenberg Cut tec 115, 1999; Programmable,1 spare blade, safety lights, working condition. Video link available
31041wohlenberg Cut Tec137, 2001; Digital Programme,Air Bed,Wrap around Tables,Tools + Spare Blade, Operators Manual.Excellent working condition. Video on request
Label Presses & Accessories
31015Allied 100 4, 1996; 10" flexo press with 3 die stations,Lots of print cylinders included as well as Aniloxes. Water based but does have one UV dryer, UNWIND, laminator. No flatbed die cutter. 4 station flexo only two are working right now. All parts for the other 2 units are with the machine. Has a turn bar which works just fine.Two stations work,comes with some spare belts and spare brand new anilox motors and some other spares. Was working fine until removed it from service.Print Cylinders:4 x 40,5 x 44,2 x 45,3 x 46,4 x 48,4 x 52,3 x 56,4 x 60,4 x 66,4 x 70,4 x 76 1 x 78,2 x 82,2 x 84,1 x 93,1 x 96,3 x 101,3 x 104,3 x 112,4 x 144.Floor Plan: 3.1 x 2.4 x 2.1 mtrs includes UV Electrical and Drying.Video Link Available on request
29045Aquaflex LXXM1658, 2001; One Owner Machine,Has good specifications with lots of tooling. 9 COLOUR (8 colour plus lamination)UNWIND42" including 3" core chuck,WEB WIDTH 425MM,Can handle BOPP FILM/PRESSURE SENSITIVE LABEL,BST web guide,splicing table,hydraulic roll lift,turn bar,6x IR lamps(not used by current owner- fans and blowers to be sent with the machine), has ability to do sheeting via the diecut unit,1 x diecut station, cross perforaing for top cut only , 3 doctor blade assemblies,,closed loop tension control on variable infeed. Thickness range 0.001" to 0.008" (25.4 to 250 microns.Interdeck VTI UV UNITS.Mechanical and electrical integration for SOA corona treater. 38,000 HOURS. It does have a chill roller.Can do foil but current user uses a plate and foil adhesive.NO turn bar. Cannot do delam & relam. Can handle BOPP Un supported Film/paper/pressure sensitive label/tag.A roll of foil on the top unwind and make an impression with the plate on the foil and the adhesive makes it transfer to the material..It can also do waterbased inks.This water based facility will need to be recommissioned by an electrician..Tooling - 20 ANILOX Rollers & 9 Magnetic Cylinders - 90,96,98,108,110,118,124,128,140,176 plus a large number of print cylinders and gears .Electronic drive not servo driven. Spare Parts available from PCMC USA. MACHINE COMES WITH HOT AIR MOTORS IF NEEDED.Available Now. Video Link
30311Gallus R200 B02, 1989; Unwind with flying splice and web guide unit. 9 COLOURS COMPRISING OF -6 letterpress and 2 screen print units plus 1 x dedicated flexo-varnish unit. Oil heated foil stamping unit, one flat die cut, an ultrasonic web. Guiding system and two rotary die cut processing units. Laminating unit and cold foiling . IST air cooled interdeck UV system with chill rollers for heat sensitive substrates, totally replacing the GALLUS water cooled UV system (worth $198,679 when installed onto the machine in 1999).Portable Chiller Unit. Lots of tooling.Video link available
31114Iwasaki RU50, 1984; 250 mm web width,4 colour, lamination, flatbed diecutter, sprocket punch, rewind unit.selection of flatbed dies. Working condition. Video Link available
30714JM HEAFORD TT COBRA 500 ELS, 2000; plate mounter, computer replaced June 2016 & software updated 2017.working condition.
31132Mark Andy 2200 10E, 1996; 6 colour,3 die station,UV only,Laminate unit,Sprocket punch unit 2 x Matrix rewind,single rewind,Crush knife blades,Sheeter,Fanfolder 10 anilox's.(Needs 8m long, 3m wide for press only ( 30amps press, 2 x 30amps lamps) Tooling list on request.NO VIDEO AVAILABLE
29579Mark Andy FB254 2, 2001; 10" (250mm), flatbed diecutter only.was used with MARK ANDY SCOUT.1.8 high x 1.2 metre wide x 1.2 m length 500 kgs . 230 volts, 16 amp 3 phase 50/60hz.Single shift for 2 years.Good condition. Available Now.Video link available
31133Rotomag DFP 340 S, 2017; 1 x print station,Laminate/ cold foil,Semi rotary die station Slitting unit,2 x rewind mandrel,38mm & 76mm Mandrel 1 x 96T Print cylinder,2 x Anilox's.Video link available on request
31104Ruian Ruibang Printing Machinery Co. Ltd RY 320, 2016; 1 colour , flexo waterbase or solvent base,1 die station,320mm wide, turnbar,laminate ( self adhesive only ) ,duel rewind, 50m / min run speed Max.Mag Dies list:68T, 74T, 75T, 76T, 80T, 82T, 88T, 92T, 98T, 99T, 100T, 110T, 118T, 128T. Print Cylinders:64T, 74T, 92T, 102T, 118T .DIMENSION: 3METRES L X 1.4 WIDEX 1.8 HIGH WEIGHT 2.8 TONNE, 1 PIECE
30661Sanjo P25 6C, 1989; 1995 (rebuilt by ABG in 2002 apparently),270mm web width,7 colour CI letterpress,Uv,Flexo varnish unit,Rotary hot foil,2 satellite print stations (Backprint,3 die stations,Rewind, 20 mag cylinders,Sheeter. Tooling List and video link available on request
31059Weigang Offset ZX320, 2014; 6 col offset,INTERMITTENT,Normal wet offset, with flat bed screen printing, Flexo uv varnishing(solid and spot) ,Cold foiling, Delam/Relam Unit, corona treater, ,inline trim slitting etc., TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL,No remote inking. VIDEO INSPECTION.Fully servo system from Rexroth (Bosch). SPECIFICATIONS:Max.printing length:350mm Max.web width:320mm,Max.printing width:300mm,Max. unwinding diameter 700mm,Max. rewinding diameter 600mm,Material Substrate 70gsm - 350gsm, Power supply:3 phase 380v,Total power 33.6kw (without uv power ) Main machine size 8850mm x 1600mm x 1850mm (L x W x H),Main Machine weight About 9500KGS.Rotary die cutting unit- 420mm can be added for an additional US $10,000. Video link available on request
31134Zotan 330, 2008; 1 x flat bed ,330 mm WEB ,sheeting,rewind unit with coating station,UV only
31096GBC TABLETOP, 2012; Desktop celloglazer purchased brand new in 2012.Minimal usage owner upgraded due to gold foiling requirements.Unit in perfect working condition.Comes with some laminating rolls as well.
31120GBC Voyager 3, 2008; Celloglazing Machine. SINGLE SIDED, Automatic feeder,Dry lamination film,Table for delivery.size (max.): 701 x 1016 mm |Specifications |electr. Sheet feeder, dual feeder head |for seperation and transport, pneumatic |controlled press roller for different |substates, adustable spread roler for |thin films, |pneumatic controlled foil break for better foil tension, |Perforating shaft, |Autostacker |
29729Gbc VOYAGER 3, 2005; Laminating Celloglazing Machine. SINGLE SIDED, Automatic feeder,Dry lamination film,Table for delivery, Max speed: 150ft/min=10000, 8.5 x 11in. Sheets per hour (45.7 metres/Min = 10 000, 21.6 x 28 cm sheets per hr) Min sheet size: 8.5 x 11 in. with the 8.5 side forward (21.6 x 28 cm with the 21.6 side forward); Max sheet size: 30 x 40 in. 76.2 x 1020 cm with the 76.2 side forward ; Max. feeder loading: 30 in (760 mm) , 1940 IB (880 kg) ; Overlap variation: Electronic Lap control, 1/8 +/- 5/64 in. (3 +/- 2 mm); Paper Range: 115 to 350 gsm; Films: OPP films 9325 CLR / 8300 CLR / 8300 DEL / 8700 DEL ; PET films : 8200 CLR / 8200 del / 1.7 NAP2 CLR / 1.7 NAP2 DEL; LAY FLAT FILMS : 8500 LF DEL / 1.7 NAP5 LF; Film Orientation: Film In; Air requirement: 100 PSI / 10-13 CFM (280-360 Litres/Min) ; Water requirement: Tap and drain water; Power requirement: 380 Volt AC, 3- Phase, 50 HZ/60HZ, 20 AMPS; Includes machine / air compressor / water heater Comes with wet compressor 26CFM. Video available upon request.
30985Paperplast Dry 60 SP, 2004; 60/102 automatic thermal laminator, max sheet size 1020 x 1400mm, min sheet size 300 x 280mm, automatic pile suction feeder with back separation, automatic sheet separator, fully automatic stacker, slitting device, speed up to 60m/min and is in good order.The Hard Chrome Steel Roller has been replaced that the separator sits on. Video link available
30663Roland Rekord RZK 3 BE, 0; 720 x 1020mm ,Converted to UV coater on first unit in 1983.Second unit setup for aqueous coating but never used.Machine has extended delivery with 3 lamps (located after deck 2 before delivery)plus IR drying(located between 1 & 2 units).Machine runs very well and is in good overall condition. .Can do all over and spot. Footprint is 8500mm long x 3700 wide.This includes all decking and cabinets. Comes with electrical drawings including conversion drawings).Video link available
31075SBL ST 1450, 1995; LAMINATOR, NOT WORKING- PRESSURE ROLLER NEEDS ADJUSTMENT,NOT RUNNING on variable speed, glue pipe needs to be unblocked.
Numbering Boxes
24574Ab Dick xx, 0; 2 x straight backward $100 each, 1 x straight forward $60each. AVAILABLE NOW. ON OUR FLOOR.
24567Hamada 0, 0; Size 17" (Hamada 700) Atlantic convex B/ward x 2,Atlantic Straight B/Ward x 1 .Price for each box
30882Heidelberg GTO 46 52, 0; Herben GTO Specialised Boxes: 2 x straight forward 8 wheels. Herben boxes straight forward skip 11 they have 8 wheels These when used would read similar to 1 8452671 with a space between the first digit and the second.Price AUD $190 each
30672HEIDELBERG GTO 46 52, 0; 22.2" American convex f/ward skip 1 x 1,Leibinger straight F/ward skip 3 x 2,Atlantic straight f/ward skip 4 x 1,Liebinger straight F/ward skip 4 x 1,Leibinger straight f/ward SKIP 101 x 1 ,Leibinger convex B/ward x 9,Atlantic convex B/ward x 12 X Zeiser convex forward, AUD $145 each or US $105 EACH
29013Heidelberg MO, 0; To suit Heidelberg MO: LEIBINGER convex backward x 5 ,Leibinger straight forward x 1, Atlantic straight forward x 1, leibinger convex forward x 1, Leibinger straight backward x 6, leibinger straight forward skip 4 x 1.ALL 7 DIGITS. On our floor;Price $195 per box.make us an Offer for all boxes.
24570Itek xx, 0; 1 x straight backward skip 2 $100 each
24568Roland Praktika, 0; To suit Roland Praktika: 3 x straight backward $130 each, 3 x straight backward skip 4 $130 each, 3 x straight backward skip 5 $130 each. Plus Leibinger numbering blocks - 33423 x 3, 331423 x 11,330423 x 9,332423 x 1 . AVAILABLE NOW.
28992Ryobi 0, 0; 3 backward straight ryobi numbering boxes.7 digits $150 each
24565Ryobi 500 KNP, 0; 18.9 " Atlantic straight f/ward x 7,Atlantic straight b/ward x 5 ,Atlantic convex B/ward x 3,Atlantic convex f/ward x 1. $75each ON OUR FLOOR
24569Uchida xx, 0; 5 x straight backward $75 each, 4 x straight forward $75 each, 4 x convex forward $75 each AVAILABLE NOW.
Other Equipment
31068BT ST 1350, 1995; battery operated,Height with mast down 1980 mm, tynes 1150 mm, weight it can lift 1350 kg. Condition:Needs hose and battery replaced
28869Mergenthaler linotype co Platten 8, 1921; Working Condition,Overall Dimensions 1400 mm (Length), 1400 mm (Width), 2000 mm (Height). Books from original owner plus original manuals. Available now
31144Quickshrink 76, 0; shrinkwrapper, good working condition
Pre Press Miscellaneous
23570Duarte SII 228P, 0; Model Number: IL 23 X 30 Plate punch to suit Komori SII 228P, Duarte, Manual Punch, can be inspected. BENCH TOP On our Floor Code 1
30594Ryobi RP 22, 0; Used tabletop Manual plate punch for Ryobi, itek presses can also be used for GTO 46/52 SHEET SIZE. Parcel size: 508mm x 508mm x 200mm Weight: 8 kgs.Will work for metal plates, paper plates and polyester plates.Working condition
Slitter/ Rewinder/Sheeters
30164Nuttall 820, 1975; 820mm wide Sheeter, 3 air shafts & unwinds ;air brake.Refurbished the gear box-Reconditioned PIV variable sheet size control.Replaced belts. Counter and electronic counter.Running 28 gsm 500 gsm.Good Working condition.
Spare Parts/Consumables
30747Acme Interlake 26/26R, 0; 2 x stitcher heads, part number CAA 9074R.(includes 2 x new rolls of wire $20 ) $300 each
3381Australian Made xx, 0; Perf Strips For Any Guillotine, Offers Considered.
23161Hamada 600, 0; 35-25 Roller Covers x 3, Offers Considered. Code 1.
23162Hamada 700, 0; Rollers Fair Cord, Gripper Bars Del - 1 Complete Set, A. Guards. Code 1.
23163Hamada 800, 0; 50-40 Roller Covers x 4, Offers Considered. Code 1.
29011Heidelberg 0, 1; CHROME SHELL 400X 570 MM.Part number:269.2. ON OUR FLOOR
29241Heidelberg blue dampening cover, 0; 25 meters conventional dampening roller cover to suit roll diameter 48 to 55 mm
25598Heidelberg cylinder lock up bars, 0; 4 x lock up bars for the heidelberg cylinders SBB -820mm, SBG -770mm, S 720MM &KSB- 570mm $250 ea
30353Heidelberg GTO 46, 0; 2 x GTO 46 NUMBERING SHAFTS @$750 EACH
30766Heidelberg GTO 46 52, 0; To suit GTO: Heidelberg NUMBERING CAMS: 2 Liebinger x double sided(1 cam that does left and right) $200 each, 2 Liebinger x left hand $200 each, 3 Liebinger x right hand $200 each,2 x Herben magna cams $200 each ; 18 x Heidelberg NUMBERING RINGS $200 each, 1 x Herben Perforating Arms $200 each, 5 x Heidelberg perf arms with K head $200 each, 8 x Heidelberg perf arms $250 each; 5 x Herben perf arms $200 each, numbering blocks 8 x 45mm $75 each 10 x35 mm $75 each. On our floor) plus perforating wheels
30767HEIDELBERG GTO 46 52, 0; Selection of different types of perforating wheels $25 each. Good condition
30768Heidelberg GTO 46 52, 0; LARGE SELECTION of numbering wheels for GTO 46/52 numbering boxes, including skip 3, skip 4,skip 2, straight backward, forward, convex backward etc @ $25 each plus packing & postage
30742Heidelberg GTO 52 46, 0; Bottcher Blanket - 520 x 445 x 1.95 X 3 @$30 EACH,2 X GTO 46 BLANKETS $30 EACH,Brand new washup blade for NP unit & 20 tube lights for GTOS @20, GTO 46 BLANKET CLAMPS X 1 SET, @120 EACH,GTO 52 BLANKET CLAMPS X 3 SETS @200 EACH, 7 X GTO 52 impression cylinder jackets @40 each, GTO 46 impression cylinder jackets x 21 @40 each,GTO 46 dampener dist. roller X 2 & 3 X water pan rollers,GTO 52 distributor roller & 3 pan rollers,GTO 52- 5 X Delivery trays , GTO 46 delivery trays X 8 & 3 feed boards,GTO 46 REAR PLATE CLAMP SET @300.1 X GTO 46 FEED BOARD,@100 Sheet smoothers.Limit switch for GTO 52 @120 Selection of tools and other parts
24557Heidelberg GTO Rotary Shell, 0; Rotary Shell 1 x GTO52 $3500.PART NUMBER- OLD : 69.410.001 & NEW : MV.021.957. Can be used as a over printer.The unit has clamps that are used to clamp onto the numbering shaft and a plate similar to a label press that sticks on to the rotary shell itself is used with the ink duct from the numbering unit for the colour.
30540heidelberg KOR, 0; SHELL for KOR PRESS
30535Heidelberg KORD 64, 0; SPARE Chrome Kord shell 65cm wide. PART NUMBER:355001- F268 @ $2000 ,3 x Delivery Trolleys, $100 each, spare parts- sidelay, counter,fountain roller wheel & guage set wheel, ink duct wheel,stack,2x KORD JACKETS @70 each, 2 X Blankets @ $20 each, ,fuses & delivery water pan roller @ 200 & water wash up tray @100 .Gripper Bar X 2 US $400 EACH
24545Heidelberg K Series, 0; Perforating Heads/blocks to suit Heldelberg K line machine x 9 $400 each. Perforating arms 2 x Heidelberg with Kline head $250 each.ON OUR FLOOR
28040Heidelberg MO, 0; 1x Complete numbering and perforating Unit, with Numbering Shaft, perforating arm and Rings,STANDARD ACCESSORIES and 1 unit as a spare.@2000 PLUS - 10 x Heidelberg Perforating arms $150 each, 3 x Herben perf arms $ 150 each, 9 x Numbering (mounting) Rings $150 each. 3 x numbering cams double $150 EACH; 3 x numbering cams R/H $150 each; 3 x numbering cams L/H $150 each; pLUS 1 TROLLEY, 1 FEED BOARD, 4 CYLINDER JACKETS
25701Heidelberg Perf Arm, 0; To Suit K line. Available Now. Code 1.
30534heidelberg SBG, 0; 1 X water washup tray SBG
30544heidelberg SM 52, 0; WASHUP BLADE @$35 X 1 & 2 BLANKETS @$40 EACH, 2 x Heidelberg brand new numbering rings $600 each
30866Heidelberg SM 52 , 0; 2 X Brand new Numbering Rings @$600 each
31036HEIDELBERG SM 52 , 0; NUMBERING UNIT,complete with inking unit with rollers, Shaft with 2 wheels, 2 cams, 4 NUMBERING BOXES.FROM 2003 model
31028Heidelberg SM 52 2NP, 0; NUMBERING UNIT ONLY, standard accessories.Cleaned and checked
23104Heidelberg SORD, 0; 26 brand new Rollers for a Heidelberg SORD [AUD $150 per roller].
23155Heidelberg SORDZ, 0; Delivery Trolleys (4). $400 each. Code 1.
22860Heidelberg Speedmaster 102, 0; See attached list for detailed description. Photos can be sent on request ; On our floor. Code 1.
24546Heidelberg S Series, 0; 5 x Perforating Heads to suit Heidelberg S Series Machine. $500 each
30531Heidelberg TOK, 0; new main control board x 1 plus additional used board,Pan rollers,plus other rollers, washup unit, guard, various parts good working order.
29227Polar button, 0; 1 x cutting button for a polar 115 or 92. Available Now
29223Polar glass rule, 0; 1 x polar 90 / 92 glass rule inches only.On our floor
29226Polar glass rule 115, 0; 1 x glass rule to suit a polar 115.ON OUR FLOOR
22856Polar Polar Guillotine parts, 0; Spare parts see attached for detailed description.Includes polar board for Polar 155 EMC,APPROX. 1985+ ZA3.015.357 .ON OUR FLOOR. Code 1
4270Polar xx, 0; Part for Polar 115CE - Part No. : 208164 (Brand New).
29250Rem X MS633 4, 0; Brand new 4 x induction motors MS633 4 4P B5 $120 each.
28466Ryobi 3302, 0; Water form Roller X 4 for Ryobi 3302 @90 each.ON OUR FLOOR
29121Shinohara 52 perf arm, 0; perforating attachment X 2 for a Shinohara Fuji 52. ON OUR FLOOR. @250 each
23021Wohlenberg A43DM, 0; 1 box, 3 knife trimmer knives.Near new
Web Accessories
29526Hunkeler SBA 22, 2003; Tip On Snap Band Autumat, Used for tipping on cards & sheets to a continuous carrier sheet.It also has a 22"cylinder & a 24"cylinder.With manual & specifications. Video link available
Web Presses/Business Form
30958Castagnolli VS 650, 1996; 2 colour A4 business Forms press with UV drying.650mm web width Reel to fold and reel to reel.cross perf, sprocket punch,sheeter, slitter,numbering,rewinder,unwind 3 UV lamps,remote touch screen, MONITOR & PC CONTROLS. variable cylinders 23 1/3", 17", 22". Working condition
30959Itek 985CF , 1989; continuous press(Ryobi 3202) 2 colour, Pack to pack forms press, web width: 365mm max and 120mm min,Paper thickness 0,06 to 0,2mm Speed 4.000 - 6.000Print/h
30974Ofcon PR 201, 1985; It has perforating of 11”, 112/3”, 12” and 17”. It does not handle reinsertion, just straight reel to pack converting.