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A proudly Australian based company we are focused on providing an innovative approach to assist our domestic and global clients in buying/selling used printing, bindery,packaging and finishing equipment at competitive prices. Our complete list of available machines can be found here.

Featured/Discounted Machines & Items

260 mm web width,6 colour,( 5 working units with 1 unit needing a gear)7th unit Flexo,UV INTERDECK, can print on both sides on the web, sheeter , conveyor,CI DRUM,Corona treater- 280 m, back slitting/trom knives x 4, flat bed die cutting unit, rotary die cut station, crane.Tamaya Plate mounter - DSP B/W HI RES CAMERA.With operators and parts manuals.Tooling: 1 x anilox flexo unit, print cylinders and mag cylinders x 6 each plus sheeting gears. 60T,64T,68T, 72T,76T,80T,83T,86T,90T,96T,104T, 108T,114T,128T.CAN PRINT ON LAMINATE. Working condition.Video link available on request
Labelmen PW 260 R
1 SPARE BLADE,Program, airbed,safety lights, knife change tools, manual.Cleaned and checked. Good working condition. Video links
Polar 78 E
Slitter top & bottom ,The three main mandrels 1x unwind and 2x rewind,Unwind expandable shaft ,Unwind Brake unit,Re-wind expandable shaft Label Counter,Meter Counter,Splicing table,Splicing clamps,2 splicing PLATES, only one has the bladder.Web Guide,slitting blades are contained in a cassette . the blades are inserted into a holder with substrate going over the top of the blades.Maximum web width 330MM.Unwind Capacity: 711 mm,Rewind Capacity: 457 mm,Max Speed - may vary with application - Up to 1000 fpm (305 m/min).No knives included. Complete working order.Has a Ventura which is a vacumn which sucks up thin liner when slitting. With manuals. Video of the machine: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/p66fxq0e0ewe4k9tnli46/32076-Rotoflex-VSI-330.mp4?rlkey=3gof8buslsxqmg6tbebztprhu&dl=0
Rotoflex VSI 330

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