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A proudly Australian based company we are focused on providing an innovative approach to assist our domestic and global clients in buying/selling used printing, bindery,packaging and finishing equipment at competitive prices. Our complete list of available machines can be found here.

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with 2 x stripping units,Inside chase:747 x 1060mm, max die cut: 740 x 1060, max cutting area:729 x 1050mm incl gripper margin, height of pile feeder including pallet 1200mm, height of delivery pile incl pallet 1000mm max strokes per hour- 9000 strokes/hr. Pallet Size: Feeder - max 800 x 1200mm , Delivery: 800 x 1040 Height of pallet 145mm. Good working condition.Manuals Video link available on request. Available August, 2022
Jagenberg WP M300 A
APPROX. 64 Mil Imp,plate size 605 x 760mm,PQC-S intergration for H-UV system, AMR, KHS-A1PDC-S Interface kit,refrigerated water circulation,anti smear paper for transfer cylinders,transfer cylinder cocking remote control,solid transfer cylinder +gripper pads up/down device,attachment for cardboard printing, Full APC,Komorimatics,Nordson HUV LAMP after last unit before delivery.Options included : Full APC,Auto impression cylinder cleaner, paper size pre-set package, sucker head pre-set, slow down wheel pre-set, side lay preset,delivery side jogger pre-set, komori information dispaly. Can handle plastics and.8 micron. Can print board material for mono cartons up to 450 gsm .Operations Manuals, electrical diagram and parts ( cd-rom). Video link available on request
Machine revolution count:125,914,490,
Semi autoplate, perfects 2 over 2, AAC damps,PDS-E and console, one Baldwin refrigeration & recirculation tank.All 4 units have metal jackets. All ink keys work.Manuals & tools. Good working condition. Video https://www.dropbox.com/s/cbcxzdtou8ka9ak/31752%20Ryobi%20524%20HXXP.mp4?dl=0
Ryobi 524HXXP

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