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Approx. 126 Mil Imp,Max Sheet:530 x 740 mm ,Rolandmatics,RCI,Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Cylinder Wash, Auto Roller Wash,Semi auto plate change,4/0 - 2/2 ,Ink job pilot,Roller temp control,IR unit,Grafix spray unit, Non stop delivery.All ink keys work.Regular servicing.Free from damage.ONE OWNER Good working condition.With Plate punch ,1 x set of spare rollers,Manuals and tools.NO compressor. Video link on request.Video of cylinders available
Roland 304P
ONE OWNER **Genuine 85 mil imp, Rolandmatics,SAPC, CPL, RCI TECHNOTRANS,Has CARDBOARD DEVICE auto wash-ups including Impression cylinder wash-up device, IR Dyer,Paper Thickness 0.04~0.6mm. It has cip3 data so you can tranfer direct ink settings to ink ducts,NO temperature Control.All ink keys and motors work,manual plate punch supplied,Perfecting 2/4,Max Sheet size:520x740 MM.Largest sheet size printed has been 520 x 740 mm.A very big compresser that is capable of running a whole factory included in the cost.Excellent Condition.Video link https://www.dropbox.com/s/jp8bm6169775nfu/30546_Roland%20306P_2004.mp4?dl=0
Roland 306P
Series 658,.This is a specially designed dedicated coater press manufactured by MAN Roland in limited numbers in the mid 90's. The machine is based on the popular common impression cylinder press design 2/color models with the upper plate cylinder removed and the upper blanket cylinder converted to a sheet cleaning function. The lower plate cylinder has also been removed, and in its location, an anilox coating system is positioned. The lower blanket cylinder has been factory modified to include both lateral and circumferential register. The feeder is a Mabeg with vacuum feedboard and precision pneumatic sidelay.Max Sheet Size 720 x 1020mm , (2) laser engraved ceramic anilox rollers Harris &Bruno Chamber Coating System Min Sheet Size 280 x 406 mm Coating circulation system w/ inline coating heater Max Coating area 710 x 1020mm Full gripper system for precise spot coating Gripper Margin 10mm (.39in) Doyle vacuum sheet cleaning system Sheets/Hour 10000 iph Lateral and Circumferential register
Substrate Range 80 to 600 gsm (50 lb to 32 pt) Calendaring cylinder for additional powder removal Power Requirements 240 volts/ 3 phase/ 60 Hz/ 100 amps Mabegfeeder w/vacuum feedboard and pneumatic sidelay.UV CONVEYOR w/ JOGGER STACKER The UV conveyor system is designed to fit precisely into the coater press high pile delivery. The system is independently driven by a variable speed AC inverter drive that is electronically connected to the press , lamp actuation, and emergency stop functions. The conveyor section has vacuum hold down belts, a 12Kw Short Two lamp air cooled 300 w/in UV Section to assure full cure up to the maximum press speed of 10000 impressions per hour. A sheet cool down section is located on the sheet shingling area to control stack temperatures. The jogger/stacker is a high pile. Electrical components are located in an easy access cabinet, with the vacuum blowers and lamp cooling fans located adjacent to the conveyor.
Speed 10000 sph High Pile Jogger/Stacker ,Power Requirements 480VAC/3 phase/60 Hz/100amps Vacuum suction sheet hold down UV Lamps (2) 300 w/in, mercury vapor, air cooled Emergency Lamp shut off interlocks
UV Power settings Stand by, 200w, 300w All functions PLC Interlocked to coater press IR Flowout tunnel Short Wave IR Lamps, 12Kw Shingling Conveyor with Air Cool down Section Pile Height 1060mm (41 3/4 in) High Temperature UV Resistant Conveyor Belts Pneumatic hinged UV lamp Enclosure. Video Link Available
Roland RZK 3B L LW

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