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SLITTER/REWINDER ,Left to Right Configuration.410mm Width.
Inspection Unit - AVT - Helios system ,Capability of rewinding to 38mm and 76mm core.Reel to Reel rewind (Bulk roll rewinding).Slitting Unit is working and in good condition with 10-blade slitting. Dual counting system - Machine and Secondary counter.MAX REEL SIZE: 1000mm , auto tension control, integrated reel lifter, pneumatic clamps, splicing table, camera inspection system, splice detection sensor , bulk waste rewind.WITH MANUAL.Video link available on request
260 mm web width,6 colour,( 5 working units with 1 unit needing a gear)7th unit Flexo,UV INTERDECK, can print on both sides on the web, sheeter , conveyor,Corona treater- 280 m, back slitting/trom knives x 4, flat bed die cutting unit, rotary die cut station, crane.Tamaya Plate mounter - DSP B/W HI RES CAMERA.With operators and parts manuals.Tooling: 1 x anilox flexo unit, print cylinders and mag cylinders x 6 each plus sheeting gears. 60T,64T,68T, 72T,76T,80T,83T,86T,90T,96T,104T, 108T,114T,128T. Working condition.Video link available on request
Labelman PW 260 R
1 SPARE BLADE,Program, safety lights, knife change tools, manual.Cleaned and checked. Good working condition. Video link https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2f1wpaxobs2epg/31965%20Polar%2078E.mp4?dl=0
Polar 78 E
Slitter top & bottom ,The three main mandrels 1x unwind and 2x rewind,Unwind expandable shaft ,Unwind Brake unit,Re-wind expandable shaft Label Counter,Meter Counter,Splicing table,Splicing clamps,2 splicing PLATES, only one has the bladder.Web Guide,slitting blades are contained in a cassette . the blades are inserted into a holder with substrate going over the top of the blades.Maximum web width 330MM.Unwind Capacity: 711 mm,Rewind Capacity: 457 mm,Max Speed - may vary with application - Up to 1000 fpm (305 m/min).No knives included. Complete working order.Has a Ventura which is a vacumn which sucks up thin liner when slitting. With manuals. Video of the machine: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/p66fxq0e0ewe4k9tnli46/32076-Rotoflex-VSI-330.mp4?rlkey=3gof8buslsxqmg6tbebztprhu&dl=0
Rotoflex VSI 330
Size: 530 x 780 mm, PLC Control Panel with touch screen, Thermal Laminator roller, Sheet overlap system, Fil Unwind with slitting, Single sided, Automatic deep pile feeder, Chute delivery, Automatic separator, Pneumatic Pressure, Speed up to 15m per minute, Stock from 130 gsm to 350 gsm,240/400 VOLTS, 50/60 HZ.The manual is with the machine and the heated roller is in good condition and the bottom rubber pressure roller was just replaced toward the end of 2023
Tauler Digital B2

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