SPS Rehmus Screen Printing Systems  Cypress CP1

Type Screen Printing Machines
Manufacturer SPS Rehmus Screen Printing Systems
Model Cypress CP1
Year 2005
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

Fully automatic. Consisting of SPS rear separation feeder, cylinder screen printing unit, SPS UV Dryer and Stacker. Max sheet size: 760 x 520 mm Min: 300 x 360mm thickness 100um to 500um (100gsm up).speed is 3600/hr. The CyberPress CP swing cylinder machines are based on the highest standards of computerized design and advanced lean production methods. This way, a solid machine platform and high-tech components from the SPS(R) cylinder range merge into a real best buy. Mainly targeted on the demands of volume-driven screen printing applications and in line with SPS(R) dryer and stacker, the press exactly meets the requirements of the finishing and packaging as well as the standard transfer printing industries.Original SPS(R) squeegee technology, combined with a cam-driven set-down, guarantees perfect control also in the 3rd dimension. Central pressure and set-point adjustment included.With the squeegee bridge raised, the screen carrier swings up into the make-ready state, opening for free access to the screen and sheet alignment.Machine is being sold due to the upgrade to newer faster machine Dimensions 12 m long 1500 mm wide x 1200 high ,Approximate weight, 8000 kg.Used for flexible sheet material and cardboard.Manuals with machine.VIDEO LINK AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

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