Hantcsho  W889

Type Web Presses/Business Form
Manufacturer Hantcsho
Model W889
Year 1990
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

Book printing.Can do 2 colour Coldset with slight modification.The press has been run predominantly as a 1 colour for some time at 15000 copies per hour & can run up to 64pp sections (32pp per unit) The maximum web width used is 1020mm. The cut off is 680mm. The maximum bound book size is 245mm x 160mm,The Hantscho Ribbon fold(8/4) is Double parallel which folds in half & in half again (see pictures can be provided
The maximum reel width is 1020mm but can use smaller depending on what trim size is required. (the foredge margin can't change).The sections can be sewn as it has the 10mm pick up .The machine prints in 64pp sections (32pp in each unit but can also do a 32pp by just running the one unit).With manuals, many spare parts and print unit rollers.ACCESSORIES:EL WEB GUIDE RELIANCE DRIVE,QUAD TECH WEB BRAKE, RELIANCE MAIN MOTOR,QUAD TECH CUT OFF CONTROL HANTSCHO INFEEDLAMSON BLOWER BUNDLER DHL,DYNARIC STRAPER,TERNES PLATE PUNCH,TERNES PLATE BENDER AIR SHAFTS,CUTTER MOL SIZE 90/70 ----- 1300MM LONG,NEW MOL SIZE 70/55 ------1400MM LONG,REELSTAND BUTTLER MODEL - B40CE. The power requirements are 415v 50hz 200 amps max. Layout diagram available on request.WORKING Condition. Video Link available.

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