Mark Andy  2200

Type Label Presses & Accessories
Manufacturer Mark Andy
Model 2200
Year 2006
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

8 Colour,Max Web Width:333mm, Max/Min Plate Thickness: 45 thou,full GEW UV lamps,Registration is carried out with 360 degree motorised longitudinal register, and manual cross register, slitter/ rewinder, laminate, delam/relam, trucolor camera,unwind/ Waste Rewind station,3xRotary Diecut stations,sheeter with conveyor & stacker, tooling.No flatbed diecutter or hot or cold foil.Number of hours worked: 18137. Manuals -Operator Manual / Web Guide / GEW.Tooling list:
Print Cylinders (20 Thou Mounting Tape / 45 Thou Plates): 67T x 2,72T x 4,76T x 4,78T x 2 ,80T x 4,83T x 5 ,88T x 4,89T x 4,91T x 4,93T x 4,96T x 6 ,98T x 1,99T x 6 ,104T x 4,107T x 2,112T x 4,113T x 3,120T x 2,127T x 2 ,178T x 5 Mag Dies:98T x 1,93T x 1,80T x 1.8 x Anilox Rolls,8 x Fountain Rolls,8 x Doctor Blade assemblies,8 x Ink Pans Video link available on request

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