Jiangyin Huitong Packing Machine  WSD 800C

Type Bag/Box Making & Other Machines
Manufacturer Jiangyin Huitong Packing Machine
Model WSD 800C
Year 2015
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

The machine can manufacture a bag/pouch up to 800mm wide and is fully automatic.Machine three side sealing, five servos, four feeding, main machine servo, two unwind rollers. With ultrasonic device.Raw material: BOPP, CPP, PET, NYLON, plastic laminated film, multiplayer extrusion blown film, pure aluminum, aluminum-plating laminated film, paper-plastic laminated film.Max. bag making speed: 120 time/min Normal speed: 80time/min (three side seal 100-200mm) Max. material out feeding line speed: <=35 m/min,Size of bag: Width: 80-780 mm,Length: 80-500 mm (dual delivery function) Width of sealing: 6-60 mm,Bag style: three-side sealing bag, Standing bag, Zip bag and four side sealing,Size of material roll: Bottom ? 600*1600 mm,Positioning accuracy: <=?1 mm,Thermal sealing knife quantity: Four teams on vertical thermal sealing, four teams on vertical cooling setup.Two teams on zipper thermal sealing knifes, two teams cooling units.Three teams on horizontal thermal sealing, two teams on horizontal cooling setup;Temperature control quantity: 22 routes , Temperature control setting range: normal and up to 360?, Power of whole machine: 40KW,
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