About Us

As New Printing Machinery is an established Dealer of quality Printing and Packaging Equipment. Built on over 30 years of experience in the Australian Printing Industry As New has been on operation for over 20 years.

Since diversifying our business activities in Australia expanding into international markets 15 years ago, As New has grown rapidly. As New is your true global partner with established positions in markets throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, USA, Canada and Central/South America.

As New offers a wide range of Press, Post-Press and Packaging equipment. Whether you need late and early models As New can supply Offset, Direct-Imaging, Web, Bindery, Cutting as well as range of niche or specialist equipment.

Our capability extends beyond simply buying and selling. We also off wide range of additional services available throughout the globe including Brokering, Sourcing, Logistics, Installation and Maintenance.

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