Shanghai Purple Magna Machinery Co  ZYHD 560 48ZFS

Type Folders
Manufacturer Shanghai Purple Magna Machinery Co
Model ZYHD 560 48ZFS
Year 2011
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

Max. folding size 560 X 900mm Min. folding size For parallel folding once : 150 X 200mm,For folding with one buckle and one knife : 200 X 300mm, Permissible width of the 1 buckle: 80- 645mm , Max. pile height:650mm, Max pile weight: 330 kg, Permissible weight of folding sheet: 40-180g/m2, Max. linear speed of folding roller: 160m/min , Min linear speed of folding roller: 75m/min,Max. frequency of folding knife (Folding with 1 buckle and 1 knife) 300tim^s/min.Machine does have a Cross Fold has Stream Feeder (Not a Pile Feeder), 2up and 2 down buckles, digital counter,can batch. Has a 90 degree knife with a parallel final buckle.Rollers need to be re rubbered. Good condition.weight of machine: 2300Kg Overall Dimensions of Machine: 3365X 1300X 1530mm. Leave700-lOOOmm around the machine as the work area. Uses 5 KW power when installed.

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