Muller Martini  BravoPlus Amrys

Type Bindery/Saddle
Manufacturer Muller Martini
Model BravoPlus Amrys
Year 2006
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

Fully Automatic Saddle Stitcher with Amrys,Format: Max 480x320 mm - Mini 105x115 mm,Speed: 12 000 cycles/hour, PLC Control with Touch Screen Control, 6x Feeders Type 370, 1x Cover feeder Type 1529,2x Stitching heads Type HK75, 1x Three Knife Trimmer Type 449,1x Stacker Perfetto Type 453
Belt Delivery,Avec 2x Compressors, Manuals and Accessories. Available April/may,2021

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