Osako  Tener

Type Bindery/Saddle
Manufacturer Osako
Model Tener
Year 2007
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

Touch screen PLC control for automated set-up,4x Model 386 rotary Feeders,2x Extra Heavy Duty S80AS stitching heads
Automatic chain timing,Automatic stitching head positioning,Automatic trimming positioning,High-speed Model 2000 trimmer with 14mm maximum trim thickness,Quality control misalignment detection,Quality control mis-stitch detection,ORC-310 cover feeder,Three (3) and Five (5) knife trimming for tabloid, quarterfold and double-parallel products
Waste extraction unit,Delivery conveyor,Mechanical speed: 12,000 cycles per hour,Maximum untrimmed size: 480x310mm
Minimum untrimmed size: 100x95mm,Maximum trimmed size: 450x300mm,Minimum trimmed size: 48x90.OMG Cucciolo Compensating counter-stacker, including:Low speed ejector,Side-jogger on two sides
Ajustable ejector speed for both sides,Adjustable mid-level gate logic
Variable stack height sequence logic,Maximum speed: 15000 copies per hour/ 65 cycles per minute,Maximum size: 320mm x 470mm,Minimum size: 100 x 140m
Maximum packet height: 210mm. Video link available on request

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