Jagenberg  Diana 105 1

Type Folders/Gluers
Manufacturer Jagenberg
Model Diana 105 1
Year 1980
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

Max. size: 1050 x 900mm,Min. size: 75 x 55mm,Straight line, double wall & crash lock,Friction belt feeder,Prefold,Lower glue pot,Counter kicker
Compression section,Robatech glue system with 2 guns.Belts have been completely replaced.Motor refurbishment included new bearings
In good condition and complete with books & tools. Machine has no damages.
Max. blank width 1050 mm,Min. blank width 750 mm,Max. blank length 900 mm
Min. blank length 550 mm,Max. belt speed 370 m/min,Materials
board 200-800 g/m2, 'E' and 'B' flute,Max. size of boxes 13020 mm
Min. size of boxes 1970 mm,Machine length 9000 mm,Machine width 1540 mm
Machine height 1450 mm. Books included. Good condition.

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