Morgana  DigiFold 5000P

Type Other Equipment
Manufacturer Morgana
Model DigiFold 5000P
Year 2002
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

The DigiFold 5000P also uses Morgana's patented 'flying knife' folding system. This dispenses entirely with buckle plates and conventional knives, using instead an electronically controlled contoured flying knife around extra large diameter rollers and moving at the same speed as the material passing through the machine.Creasing Folding Machine with Suction Feed
Up to 5000 sheets per hour,700 x 385mm max sheet size,210 x 140mm min sheet size,Crease and Fold up to 400gsm, 'Head-up' Display Control.Has several uses- An integrated creaser/folder performing both functions in a single pass. A stand alone creaser when folding is not required. A perforator when creasing and folding are not required.

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