Kolbus  PK 101

Type Other Equipment
Manufacturer Kolbus
Model PK 101
Year 1988
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

rotary board cutter, For rotary cutting of cardboard, pasteboard and similar materials.Can also do straight cut poly propylene ONLY. 7 Upper and lower cutting discs Table delivery unit Including spares & manuals.Specification: Max. width of board : 1300 mm
Max. width of cut : 1250 mm Max. thickness : 4 mm,Min. width of cut strips : 50 mm,Min. size of cut boards : 165 x 50 mm,Max. depth of feed table: 900 mm,OUTPUT: (depending on material) : 25 to 50 m/min. Strip infeed rate : 30 to 200 strokes/min,in excellent condition.Surplus to requirements.The machine has the tools that came with it, some spare shear pins, books and the take off bench

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