Aquaflex  ELS 1608

Type Label Presses & Accessories
Manufacturer Aquaflex
Model ELS 1608
Year 2009
Sheet Size

Specifications & Accessories

8 Colour,web width: 420 mm corona treater,INTERDECK VTI - 8 X UV UNITS,8 CHILL rollers for UV, 1 x hot air dryer,42" UNWIND,rewind,turn bar,No sheeter.Can die-cut at the machine exit but there is no conveyor belt ,Yaskawa system servo motor,cold foil ,NO HOT FOIL,NO SCREEN UNIT, lamination,Auto registration system reads a mark that is placed on each print cylinder,BST VIDEO INSPECTION,die cut,waste rewind,DELAM/RELAM,slitting station with 3 air crush knives, corona treater,servo- Yaskawa system,servo driven variable infeed nip roll station with closed loop tension control,drying unit for non absorbent material including high capacity dryers with blast gates, manifold duct from blowers to the press with digital variable closed loop air temperature controls for each unit. .can handle BOPP Un supported Film/paper/pressure sensitive label/tag.The films can be done without any issue at all,
Bottle wrap type applications were the main reason for the purchase of that press.CAN RUN FOIL.The press is set up to run UV flexo inks only.
Thickness range 0.001" to 0.010" (25.4 to 254 microns.Estimated Tooling(to be confirmed at the time a firm offer is made):10 sets of cylinders.74T X 4, 85T X 8, 86T x 7, 93T x 8, 95T x 7, 118T X 7, 136T x 6, 140T x 7, 160T x 7, 176T x 7, Magnetic cylinders:98T, 154T,160T. Anilox rollers;
300, x 3, 360, x 2, 440, x1, 500, x 3,550, x 1, 600, x1, 650, x 1, 700, x 1,750, x 1, 800, x 1, 900, x 2, 1000, x 1 1200, x 1.19 in total,
All in fair to good condition.
Electrical drawings, manuals and tools.Good working condition, complete and free from damage. Video Link Available

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